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the healing of a broken angel

The Beginning of the End

Raquel was dizzy, again.  Picking up the pieces of the broken glass, she quickly pushed the rest of the shattered mirror under her dresser.  She could not understand.  It seemed as though her hands could not grip anything.  And these dizzy spells...what was it?   She stayed crouching on the floor for a moment...The tapping, it was starting...

Tap....tap....tap...tap, tap, tap...

Raquel gave her head a violent shake.  What the heck was going on?  She opened her mouth, but no sound came out.  Shaking, she lifted herself from the floor, attempting to stand...But the tapping...it was getting louder.

Tap...tap...tap...tap...tap, tap, tap, tap...

"Stop it!  Shut up, Luce!  Get out of my head!"

Raquel's desperate cries brought Niad running into the room.  Niad ran to her sister's side and supported her from the side, immediately beginning to pray.  By this point, Raquel was becoming terrified by the constant tapping in her brain.  "Jesus, help me, please."  The tapping become louder.  "NO!  Jesus!"

Tap...You know...Tap...That I will always be...Tap...in the back...Tap...of your memory...

Raquel shoved Niad away, screaming, tearing at her hair. She made for the large mirror hanging on the wall.  Niad lunged for her.  Raquel, screaming, hit Niad hard on the shoulder, throwing Niad off balance and sending her to the floor.  Raquel had no control over herself.  She only wanted the tapping, the voices, to stop.  "Make it stop!  Shut-up.  Jesus, help me." 

Like that, the tapping stopped.  Overcome with exhaustion, Raquel collapsed on the ground.  Niad knelt beside her sister, trying desperately to comfort Raquel.  Zane burst into the room.  Niad looked up at him with relief in her eyes.  "Zane!  Help me, she had another attack."

Zane crossed to Raquel's side, "It's Luce.  He tried to tap into me, too."  Putting his arms around Raquel, he began to wipe her cheeks dry.  "Raq, baby, talk to me."

Raquel shook her head, still whimpering like a baby.  "Tell him to go away.  Please.  Make it stop.  Why?  Why is this happening?"  

Only Zane knew fully what Raquel was going through.  Ever since Luce had figured out how to tap into Zane's mind, he had experienced the same peircing tapping and Luce's eery voice.  The first time it had ever happened to him, Zane had layed on the floor for hours in agony.  When he went to Father about it, Father had told him that there was only one way to stop it:  Saying the name of Jesus.  Of course, Zane had thought, why didn't I think of that?  But was it not human nature to try and solve all problems in his own strength first?  The next time it had happened, Zane was prepared.  But, for some reason, Luce seemed to have a stronger hold on Raquel.  Maybe it was her previous association with him.  Her first attack had been almost deadly.  Zane had found her on the bathroom floor, all glass objects broken, her fists bloody and torn.  It had been almost two weeks since that first attack, and four since Luce had ambushed them on the street, vowing to win Raquel back into his filthy fold.  Zane was determined, though.  Even if it meant his death, Luce would never touch Raquel again.  Raquel's attacks were becoming more frequent, occuring every three or four days.  Zane wished he could put a stop to it, but it was a fight that only Raquel could win.  

Raquel collapsed into Zane's arms, weeping like a frightened child.  She was exhausted.  But it was not the mental fights she was having with Luce that was tearing her apart.  Yes, they were exhausting.   It was the fight that she knew was coming.  She knew Luce.  She knew him better than anyone else could or would ever want to know.  She knew that this was the beginning of the battle to come.  She was terrified.  Absolustely terrified.  

"Please...help me be strong...please help me fight."

Zane held on to her tighter.  "Be strong.  I'm here, and I'm not leaving you...Ever."